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Haifeng Wu, MD

Haifeng Wu, MDHaifeng Wu, MD
Associate Professor, Biomedical Informatics
Associate Professor, Division of Human Genetics
Associate Professor, Pathology
Associate Professor, Pulmonary/Critical Care
185A Hamilton Hall
1645 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210  

Phone: (614) 292-9873
Fax: (614)292-3144

General Research Interests
Presently, I am applying the technological platform of SELDI-TOF to develop assays for enhancement of personalized cancer care. Specifically, utilizing one technological platform to set up clinical assays in the areas of: 1) genotyping the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for guiding cancer care and for prediction of clinical outcomes (theranostics). The known SNPs that influence drug efficacy and drug toxicity such as CYP2D6, DPD/IVS14+1G>A, UGT1A1 will be the primary candidates in this undertaking; 2) rapid and cost-effective monitoring of plasma drug levels such as 5-FU to improve clinical efficacy and drug safety in cancer care and chemoprevention.

Current Publications
Hofmeister CC, Jin M, Cataland SR, Benson DM, Wu HM. TTP disease course is independent of myeloma treatment and response. Am J Hematol 85(4) 304-6 4/1/2010

Yang S, Xu L, Wu HM. Rapid genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms influencing warfarin drug response by surface-enhanced laser desorption and ionization time-of-flight (SELDI-TOF) mass spectrometry. J Mol Diagn 12(2) 162-8 3/1/2010

Yang S, Xu L, Wu HM. Rapid multiplexed genotyping for hereditary thrombophilia by SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Diagn Mol Pathol 19(1) 54-61 3/1/2010

MD, China Medical University, Medicine, 1984
MS, China Medical University, Biochemistry, 1988

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