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Guibin Li, MD

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2050 Kenny Rd
Columbus, OH 43221

Phone: (614) 293-8054

Email: li.561@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Assistant Professor-Clinical, General Internal Medicine

Physician, FGP-General Internal Medicine


Clinical Interest

Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine, Management of Dementia, Polypharmacy, Delirium, Osteoporosis and Postoperative care

Creative Works

Guibin Li, Ellin Gafford, Daniel Eiferman, David Kasick, Jennifer Browning, Angie Chesser, Bruce Doepker.

Delirum Guideline, Non-ICU. posted In onesoure, OSUWMC, 2014.


2008 - present Internal Medicine, Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine
2009 - present Geriatric Medicine, Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine

Chapters in Books

Guibin Li. "A Comprehensive Cannon of Diagnosis and Treatment." In Children's Blood Diseases. -. Hebei: He Bei Scientific Press, January 1996.

Douglas E. Crews, Guibin Li. "Senescence, Aging, Life span, Frailty, Disability and Disease in Chinese Populations: Trends and Prospects." In Aging in Perspective and the Case in China; Issues and Approaches. -. Columbus, OH, US|USA: NOVA, January 2010.


Clinical Services

10/01/2009 Outpatient clinic (General Internal medicine clinic at Martha Morehouse)
10/01/2009 inpatient service (general medicine) (OSU main hospital and OSU east hospital)
10/01/2009 Inpatient geriatric consultation (OSU main hospital)
10/01/2009 Geriatric Clinic (General Internal medicine clinic at Martha Morehouse)


1983 M.D., Hebei Medical College

2002 Ph.D., University of Kansas



1993 Award for Excellence in Clinical Work. Hebei Medical College.
1994 Public Health Bureau Award. Hebei Medical College.
1995 Award for Excellence in Clinical Work. Hebei Medical College.
1995 - 1996 Award for Excellence in Teaching. Hebei Medical College.
1997 Award for Excellence in Clinical Work. Hebei Medical College.
1999 - 2002 Goetch Scholarship.
2001 Dean's Honor Roll. Pharmacy School, University of Kansas.
2009 "Making A Difference" Award. University of Michigan Health System.
2009 "You Are Super" award. University of Michigan Health System.
2010 Award for Teaching Excellence. OSU medical center.

Journal Articles

Mary Michaelis, Rick Dobrowsky, Guibin Li. "Tau neurofibrillary pathology and microtubule stability." Journal of Molecular Neuroscience. Vol. 19, (January 2002.): 289-93.

Guibin Li, Alexander Faibushevich, Bradon J. Turunen, Sung Ok Yoon, Gunda Georg, Mary L. Michaelis, Rick T. Dobrowsky. "Stabilization of the cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator, p35, by paclitaxel decreases beta-amyloid toxicity in cortical neurons." Journal of Neurochemistry. Vol. 84, (January 2003.): 347-62.

John Antonio Chavez, Trina Knotts, Li-Ping Wang, Guibin Li, Rick Dobrowsky, Gregory Florant, Scott Summers. "A role for ceramide, but not diacylglycerol, n the antagonism of insulin signal transduction by saturated fatty acids." Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol. 278, (January 2003.): 10297-303.

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Haishan Yin, Laguna KA, Guibin Li, Jeff Kuret. "Dysbindin structural homologue CK1BP is an isoform-selective binding partner of human casein kinase-1." Biochemistry. Vol. 45, no. 16. (January 2006.): 5297-308.

Seyb,Kathleen,I; Ansar,Sabah; Li,Guibin; Bean,Jennifer; Michaelis,Mary,L; Dobrowsky,Rick,T. "p35/Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 is required for protection against beta-amyloid-induced cell death but not tau phosphorylation by ceramide." JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE. Vol. 31, no. 1. (January 2007.): 23-35.

Bhaswati Bandyopadhyay, Guibin Li, Haishan Yin, Jeff Kuret. "Tau Aggregation and Toxicity in a Cell Culture Model of Tauopathy." Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol. 282, no. 22. (January 2007.): 16454-16464.


Reference Works

January 2002 Mary Michaelis, Guibin Li, Alexander Fibuschevich, Rick Dobrowsky."Potentail mechanisms underlying the protective effects of taxol against A-Beta-induced toxicity in primary neurons" . : S504
January 2004 Therasa Kannanayakal, Haishan Yin, Qi Zhony, Guibin Li, Jeff Kuret."Casein kinase 1 phosphorylates and colocalizes with lesions in Alzheimer's disease and inclusion body in myositis" . : S430


"Clinical analysis of autoimmune hemolytic anemia in children (Abstract)." Presented at The Second National Meeting of Hemolytic Anemia, . (August 1992)

"Clinical observation of induction treatment for ALL (Abstract)." Presented at National Meeting of Leukemia in Children, . (October 1994)

"The effect of traditional medicine on the progress of ITP in Children (Abstract)." Presented at The Fourth Chinese-Japanese Symposium on Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Platelet, . (October 1996)

"Identification, purification and characterization of a high-affinity binding protein of casein kinase-1 (Abstract)." Presented at Neuroscience Meeting, . (October 2004)

"Casein kinase 1 contributes a major portion of basal tau phosphorylation in situ and modulates its microtubule binding (Abstract)." Presented at Neuroscience Meeting, . (October 2004)

"Radiofrequency ablation of liver malignancies." Presented at Ohio Chapter, American College of Physicians Annual Scientific Meeting, Columbus, OH. (October 2006)


Professional Activities

2009 - present physician. Asian Free Clinic. Columbus, OH.