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Jennifer Sipos, MD

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1581 Dodd Dr
Columbus, OH 43210


Current OSU Appointments

Associate Professor-Clinical, Endo, Diabetes & Metabolism

Physician, FGP-Endo-Diabetes & Metabolism


Clinical Interest

The use of ultrasonography for the management of patients with thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer

Clinical Trials for Refractory Thyroid Cancer

Fine needle aspiration of neck masses under ultrasound guidance

Thyroid nodules


2002 - present Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine
2005 - present Bone densitometry: The International Society for Clinical Densitometry
2006 - present Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine
2008 - present Medical License: State Medical Board of Ohio
2005 - 2009 Medical License: Florida Board of Medicine

Chapters in Books

Sipos, JA, Ringel MD. "Diagnosis of recurrent thyroid cancer in patients with antithyroglobulin antibodies." In Thyroid Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Management. Edited by Wartofsky. -. January 0.

Sipos, JA and Mazzaferri EL. "Differentiated Thyroid Cancer." In Medical Management of Thyroid Disease. 2nd ed. Edited by Cooper, DS. 237-295. New York, NY, US|USA: Informa Healthcare, January 2008.

Sipos, JA and Mazzaferri EL. "Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma, Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma, and Thyroid Lymphoma." In Medical Management of Thyroid Disease. 2nd ed. Edited by Cooper, DS. 297-329. New York, NY, US|USA: Informa Healthcare, January 2008.

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Sipos JA and Mazzaferri EL. "Medical Management of Aggressive Forms of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer." In Thyroid and Parathyroid Diseases. 1st ed. Edited by Terris and Gourin. 103-125. New York, NY, US|USA: Thieme, January 2009.

Sipos JA and Cance WG. "Thyroid Disorders in the Intensive Care Unit." In Civetta, Taylor, and Kirby's Critical Care. 4th ed. Edited by Layon J. 2452-2464. Philadelphia, PA, US|USA: Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, January 2009.

Sipos, JA and Mazzaferri EL. "An Overview of the Epidemiology and Initial Management of Papillary Thyroid Cancer." In Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands. 2nd ed. Edited by Randolph G. -. New York, NY, US|USA: Elsevier and Saunders Publishers, January 2010.



1995 B.S., Wake Forest University


Editorial Activities

2006 Post-Graduate Medical Journal
2008 - 2010 Clinical Thyroidology
2009 - present Endocrine Related Cancers
2009 - present Thyroid
2009 - present Ibnosina Journal of Medical and Biomedical Sciences
2010 - present Journal of Oncology
2010 - present American Journal of the Medical Sciences
2010 - present National Cancer Institute Website
2011 - present Frontiers in Thyroid Endocrinology
2011 - present Physicians' Information and Education Resource (PIER) Medullary Thyroid Cancer Module
2011 - present Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
2011 Endocrine Society Annual Meeting
2012 - present The Laryngoscope


2007 Attending of the Month. Department of Medicine.
2007 Excellence in Teaching Medical Students. Department of Medicine.
2008 Excellence in Teaching Medical Students. Department of Medicine.
2008 Service is Key Award. College of Medicine.
2010 National Institutes of Health Merit Award.
2012 Columbus Business First 40 under 40. Columbus Business First.

Journal Articles

Rosen CJ; Ackert-Bicknell CL; Adamo ML; Shultz KL; Rubin J; Donahue LR; Horton LG; Delahunty KM; Beamer WG; Sipos J; Clemmons D; Nelson T; Bouxsein ML; Horowitz M. "Congenic mice with low serum IGF-I have increased body fat, reduced bone mineral density, and an altered osteoblast differentiation program.." Bone. Vol. 35, no. 5. (November 2004.): 1046-.

Nichols TC; Busby WH Jr; Merricks E; Sipos J; Rowland M; Sitko K; Clemmons DR. "Protease-resistant insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-binding protein-4 inhibits IGF-I actions and neointimal expansion in a porcine model of neointimal hyperplasia.." Endocrinology. Vol. 148, no. 10. (October 2007.): 5002-.

Sipos JA; Kloos RT. "Iodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer: an ominous diagnosis with the potential for a brighter future.." Clinical Advances In Hematology & Oncology: H&O. Vol. 6, no. 10. (October 2008.): 767-.

Mazzaferri EL; Sipos J. "Should all patients with subcentimeter thyroid nodules undergo fine-needle aspiration biopsy and preoperative neck ultrasonography to define the extent of tumor invasion?." Thyroid: Official Journal Of The American Thyroid Association. Vol. 18, no. 6. (June 2008.): 597-.

Sipos JA; Mazzaferri EL. "The therapeutic management of differentiated thyroid cancer.." Expert Opinion On Pharmacotherapy. Vol. 9, no. 15. (October 2008.): 2627-.

Sipos JA; Ringel MD. "Do tumor characteristics predict risk of malignancy in thyroid nodules with indeterminate cytology?." Nature Clinical Practice. Endocrinology & Metabolism. Vol. 5, no. 3. (March 2009.): 140-.

Sipos JA. "Advances in ultrasound for the diagnosis and management of thyroid cancer.." Thyroid: Official Journal Of The American Thyroid Association. Vol. 19, no. 12. (December 2009.): 1363-.

Sipos JA and Shah M. "Thyroid Cancer--Emerging Role for Targeted Therapies." Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology. Vol. 1, no. 2. (January 2010.): 3-16.

Sipos JA; Mazzaferri EL. "Thyroid cancer epidemiology and prognostic variables.." Clinical Oncology (Royal College Of Radiologists (Great Britain)). Vol. 22, no. 6. (August 2010.): 395-.

Sipos,Jennifer,A; Kahaly,George,J. "Imaging of Thyrotoxicosis." AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. Vol. 125, no. 9. (September 2012.): 1-2.



January 2010 George J. Kahaly, MD, PhD, Stefan K. Grebe, MD, PhD, Mark A. Lupo, MD, FACE, ECNU, Nicole McDonald, MD, and Jennifer A. Sipos, MD."Graves Disease: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges" American Journal of Medicine


"Hypo and Hyperthyroidism and Management of Thyroid Nodules." Presented at Medical Education Resources Endocrinology for Primary Care Providers, Hilton Head, SC, US|USA. (May 2009)

"Hands on Ultrasound Practicum Preceptor." Presented at Introductory Ultrasound Workshop, Washington, DC, US|USA. (June 2009)

"VEGF Polymorphisms predict response to sorafenib in patients with refractory thyroid cancer." Presented at International Thyroid Congress, Paris, FR|FRA. (September 2010)


Professional Activities

2010 - present PDQ Cancer Genetics Editorial Board. National Cancer Institute. Bethesda, MD.
2006 Medical Mission Trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. University of Florida.
2007 Medical Mission Trip to Huaraz, Peru.
2007 Southwind Camp. YoungLife. Ocala, FL.
2008 Medical Mission Trip to Huaraz, Peru.
2010 Medical Mission Trip to Huaraz, Peru.
2010 Fellows' Track Meeting. American Thyroid Association. Minneapolis, MN.

Technical Reports

Jennifer Sipos, Rebecca Nagy. Genetics of Medullary Thyroid Cancer. Bethesda, MD, US|USA: (January 2010).