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The Division of Endocrinology is home to an outstanding team of clinicians, educators and researchers.Established 40 years ago as one of the oldest true divisions in the field of endocrinology, members of the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism have made important advances in the fields of diabetes, thyroid cancer, lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, and the biology of gut hormones. The current faculty of the Division includes clinicians and clinician-scientists who are nationally and internationally recognized experts in the areas of diabetes and its metabolic consequences, thyroid and adrenal cancer, and osteoporosis.

Faculty and caregivers are:


Bradley, David
Samuel Cataland, MD
Cataland, Samuel
 Kathleen Dungan, MD
Dungan, Kathleen
 Trudy Gaillard, PhD, RN
Gaillard, Trudy

Ghalib, Luma
 Steven Ing, MD
Ing, Steven
Rebecca Jackson, MD
Jackson, Rebecca

Khawaja, Raheela
 Lawrence Kirschner, MD, PhD
Kirschner, Lawrence
William Malarkey, MD
Malarkey, William

Meng, Shumei

Nabhan, Fadi 
Lekshmi Nair, MD
Nair, Lekshmi

O'Donnell, Benjamin
 Kwame Osei, MD
Osei, Kwame
 Matthew Ringel, MD
Ringel, Matthew
Division Director
 Laura Ryan, MD
Ryan, Laura

Saji, Moto
 Jennifer Sipos, MD
Sipos, Jennifer

Soe, Kyaw


Laura Cosenza

Sarah Taylor

Karen Weiland