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Research Track

Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) at Ohio State

  Robert Baiocchi, MD, PhD
  Associate Program Director for Research
  Director Physician Scientist Training Program
  Phone: (614)-685-5667
  Email: robert.baiocchi@osumc.edu



In response to the newly NIH-funded MSTP grant and a commitment to build on the Department’s academic mission, a formal Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) has been developed.  This program merges the excellent clinical training provided by the Department of Internal Medicine with an intensive mentorship program focused on development of essential skill sets (grant prep, mentorship, career development etc..) for the physician scientist.  Trainees have the opportunity to participate in one of sixteen existing T32 programs within the medical center, access to a multidisciplinary mentorship team, career development financial support and scientific mentorship.  Goals of the PSTP are to provide a combined training experience in Internal Medicine and subspecialty of choice with a focus on linking trainees with post graduate research mentors.  The overarching goal of the program is to produce outstanding physician scientists who are committed to the pursuit of an independent academic career pathway. 

Individuals who hold an MD/PhD degree or an MD degree with significant research experience are eligible for the PSTP Research Pathway.  Categorical residents interested in obtaining extended research blocks will be invited to submit an application outlining scope of the research project, timeline and mentorship information.  Eligible candidates will be invited for an interview with the Department, faculty within subspecialty of interest and the PSTP Director.  Questions regarding eligibility can be sent directly to Dr. Robert Baiocchi (robert.baiocchi@osumc.edu). 

Internal Medicine Training - 24 months
Direct Patient Care - 20 months
Subspecialty Training - 12-24 months (Dependent on subspeciality) 
Research Training (80%) - 36 months
Ambulatory Clinic During Research Training - ½ day per week

For select, qualified candidates, option to join faculty during last year of training (Instructor or Assistant Professor)Targeted ABIM Internal Medicine Board Eligibility: PGY 4
Targeted ABIM Subspecialty Board Eligibility: PGY 5 or 6 (Depending on subspecialty)


  1. PSTP Career Development Supplements are provided during PGY 1-6.
    Year 1 Internship $4,000 support for travel to a national meeting, journals
    Year 2 Junior Residency $4,000 support for travel to a national meeting, journals
    Year 3 Clinical Fellowship $4,000 support for a computer and software, travel to a national meeting, journals
    Year 4-6 Research $15,000 $10,000 to supplement salary; $5,000 to support travel and other expenses

  2. Trainees who have performed exceptionally well (K Award or equivalent and impactful publications), have the option in the last year of program (PGY5 or 6 depending on subspecialty) for negotiating full time faculty position (Instructor vs. Assistant Professor per Division discretion).
  3. Assistance targeting extra/intra mural grants (including NIH loan repayment program).
  4. For categorical candidates who do not participate in the ABIM research pathway, there are opportunities to pursue a protected 3 month research block.


  1. Monthly meeting for special topics or research in progress for candidates in research years. Specialized topics include: pursuit of funding; career planning/negotiating job positions; utility of commercialization of discoveries; engaging in development/philanthropic activities; communicating your science to the public; preparing for presentations; mentorship; how to run a lab etc..).
  2. Invited speakers. PSTP trainees to meet individually with each invited speaker.
  3. Interaction with T32/training programs they are targeting.
  4. Mentorship activities: Interaction with MSTP program (to provide mentorship to MSTP trainees to aid in transition from med school/MSTP to a PSTP).
  5. Mentorship committee consisting of 3 faculty members (basic, translational and clinical tracks and one upper level PSTP member that meets quarterly.
  6. Participation in the Annual Departmental research meeting with an invited physician scientist guest speaker.

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